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Textbook Rental Terms and Conditions

(Updated Spring 2020)
  1. Rental textbook(s) are the property of the UH Bookstores.
  2. Rental textbooks must be:
    1. returned by the rental due date.
    2. returned in good, undamaged and saleable condition.
    3. returned with all components included in original package.
    4. returned with no liquid damage.
    5. returned without excessive markings.
    6. returned with all identifiable stickers/labels intact and unaltered.
  3. Rental return policies:
    1. Rental Refunds: Textbooks returned within the normal refund period in original condition will receive full refund.
    2. Rental Buyout Fee: Textbooks that customers want to keep at the end of the semester will be charged the Retail Price - Rental Price, plus 10%. Customers must notify the Bookstore by the rental return date for all buyouts. Buyouts must be done at rented location. The buyout is calculated as follows:
    3. Buyout Fee = (Retail Price - Rented Price) + 10% of Retail Price

      New Retail Price = $100
      Rented Price = $50
      Buyout Fee = ($100 - $50) + (.10 x $100) = $60
    4. Rental Replacement Fee: Textbooks that are not returned by the rental return date will be charged the textbook USED RETAIL PRICE.
  4. Damaged textbooks must be bought out by the rental return date or a replacement fee will be charged. The UH Bookstores will determine the condition of the textbooks.
  5. Customer is responsible to check the condition of their rental textbooks and report damages to the bookstore within 24 hours of rental to avoid buyout/replacement fees at the end of the semester.
  6. Customer authorizes the UH Bookstores to charge their credit card for an amount equal to the replacement fee of the textbook if any of the above provisions are not met. If for any reason, the replacement fee cannot be charged, a hold will be placed on their student record until such time as all charges and fees are paid. (Card expiration date must be at least 30 days past the rental due date listed for the term at the time of rental.)

By completing rental purchase, you are agreeing to the terms and conditions listed above.