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Campus Solution Policies

Ordering Processing Policies

Once you place an order, you have 72 hours to pick up the completed job from our office inside Manoa Bookstore. Orders are held for 7 days before discarded for recycling. Payment is processed when orders are complete.
Some orders may take longer than one day to process. We will call you if there is a delay in your order. Please check your phone or email for order confirmations and updates.

Copyright Policies

Customers are responsible for observing all U.S. Copyright regulations and complying with state and federal regulations regarding document retention and disposal. For more information on copyright law, please click here.
Campus Solutions is not responsible for obtaining U.S. copyright authorization for any document printed or copied out of our office. If a copyright protection is stated on the document, Campus Solutions is restricted from copying or printing it. We will not in any way be liable for documents submitted for copying or printing.

General Policies

Campus Solutions adheres to Manoa Bookstore Policies.
Proceeds from Campus Solutions and Manoa Bookstore support the University of Hawai'i in continuing its educational mission.