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Interactive Digital Access Program

What is the Interactive Digital Access Program (IDAP)?
The Interactive Digital Access Program (IDAP) is a new initiative in the textbook industry that converts books into digital, interactive content. Students in courses that participate in IDAP will have access to their digital course material by the first day of the semester and at an exclusive price.
How do I access the digital course material?
The digital course material under IDAP will be accessed through Laulima. If your instructor has chosen to participate in the program, you will be notified via email, prior to the start of the semester, with instructions on how to view the course material and how to opt-out.

*If your course will be using Pearson’s Revel or John Wiley’s WileyPlus products, your professor will give you a link to access the course material.
Do I need to purchase anything from the bookstore or publisher's website?
No. Since the digital course material will be available before the start of the semester on Laulima or through a link given to you by your instructor (Revel/WileyPLUS), you do not need to purchase anything from the bookstore or publisher’s website to gain access. A charge, however, will be placed on your MyUH account for each respective IDAP course.
Since I have access to the IDAP digital course material on Laulima, is it free? Did someone pay for it?
It may appear to be free since all students registered in an IDAP course will have full access to their course materials before the start of the semester. However, an IDAP rental charge will be added to your MyUH account after you register for the course. You do have the option to opt-out if you wish to.
How do I pay for my course material under IDAP?
There are multiple ways to pay for the IDAP Rental Charge.
  1. Since the IDAP Rental Charge is placed on your MyUH account, you can pay the charge as you pay-off all charges on your MyUH account. You can make online payments to your MyUH account by visiting
  2. You may also pay in-store at you campus bookstore.
If you pay in-store, we will refund the IDAP Rental Charge on your MyUH account so that you aren’t paying twice.
Is there a due date to pay off my IDAP Rental Charge?
Since the charge is on your MyUH account, the payment deadline for the IDAP Rental Charge follows the University of Hawai‘i’s payment deadline. If you have not made payment arrangements for charges on your MyUH account, any unpaid charges will eventually become a hold.
How much will I pay for my digital course material under IDAP?
The price varies depending on the course material chosen by the instructor. However, the price of the digital material through IDAP is lower than purchasing directly from the publisher. The price of the digital course material through IDAP can be up to 70% cheaper than printed materials.
What does it mean to opt-out?
If you do not wish to participate in IDAP, you have the option to opt-out. The opt-out dates mirror the add/drop dates for your campus. If you opt-out within the add/drop period, you will lose access to the digital course material and you will receive a refund for the IDAP Rental Charge. If you opt-out, you will have to obtain the course materials on your own. Please consult with your professor before deciding to opt-out.
How do I opt-out?
You may opt out by going to and following the directions listed.
I opted-out but would like to opt back in. Would this be possible?
If you opted-out during the opt-out period, lost access to the course material, and would now want to opt back in, please contact your campus bookstore and they will contact the publisher to reinstate your access.
I did not opt-out, but I did not access any of the course material. Will I still be billed?
Yes. All students who are enrolled in an IDAP course are considered part of the program. You will still be charged for the course material even if you do not access it, because access is granted to all students by the first day of instruction. If you won’t be using the course material and would like to have the charge refunded on your account, you must opt-out before the deadline.
I forgot to opt-out and missed the deadline. Can I still get a refund?
Prior to the opt-out deadline, the bookstore will send students multiple emails reminding them they have the option to opt-out. After the opt-out deadline has passed, refunds will be given based on administrative approval.
If I dropped the course, will I receive a refund for the IDAP Rental Charge?
If you dropped the course before the add/drop deadline, you will receive a refund for the IDAP Rental Charge.
Who should I contact if I am having trouble with the online course material?
Below is a list of publishers providing digital course material through IDAP, along with links to their technical support team. If you’re unsure who your publisher is or are unable to resolve the issue with the publisher, please send an email to for further assistance.
I prefer having the physical book over a digital version. What options do I have?
Students who do not opt-out have the option to purchase a printed copy of the eBook at a lower price. If this is something you would be interested in, please contact your campus bookstore for additional information.
I have further questions that were not addressed. Who do I contact?
If your question wasn’t answered in this FAQ, please contact your campus bookstore for more information.

Download IDAP flyer for more information.