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2018 Textbook Rental Deadlines by Academic Term
Spring May 14, 2018
Summer Session August 13, 2018
Fall December 17, 2018

The customer agrees to the following terms at the time they rent a textbook from any University of Hawai'i Bookstore location:

  1. Rental textbook(s) are the property of the UH Bookstore from which it is rented.
  2. Rental textbooks are the intellectual property of the author(s) and are copyrighted by the author(s) or publishers. Textbooks rentals are not to be reproduced.
  3. By accepting the terms of the Textbook Rental Program, the customer agrees to return the rented textbook to the UH Bookstore in good, undamaged and saleable condition, with all components, no water damage and without excessive highlighting, underlining, or marking by the Textbook Return Deadline listed above. Damaged textbooks will not be returnable or refundable and will be assessed a replacement fee. The UH Bookstore will determine the condition of the return/refunded textbooks.
  4. The customer agrees that all identifying stickers/labels on the rental textbook(s) must remain intact and must not be removed or altered.
  5. Customer is responsible to check the condition of their rental books and report damages to the bookstore within 24 hours of rental to avoid replacement fees at the end of the semester.
  6. The customer understands that it is their responsibility to return the rented textbook(s) by the semester’s Textbook Return Deadline to avoid being charged the replacement fee.
    1. If a rented textbook is lost, stolen, or returned in damaged condition, the replacement fee of the rented textbook(s) plus any applicable charges will be billed to the customer.
    2. The replacement fee is calculated as follows:
      Replacement Fee = ($10 processing fee) + (Current New Retail Price – rented price).
      Example: Current New Retail Price = $100 and Rented price = $54 then Replacement Fee = ($10 processing fee) + ($100 - $54) = $56
    3. The customer agrees that if they drop a course for which they have rented a textbook, the rental fee is refundable only if the customer returns the rented textbook within the normal refund period with the original receipt. The refund deadline is listed above.
  7. The customer authorizes the UH Bookstore to charge their credit card for an amount equal to the replacement fee for the textbook if any of the above provisions are not met. If the customer fails to return the rented materials by the rental return deadline, the customer understands that a hold will be placed on their student record until such time as all charges and fees are paid. (Card expiration date must be at least 30 days past the due date listed for the term at the time of rental.)