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Online Buyback


Students now have a new option for selling back their old and unwanted textbooks. The University of Hawai'i Bookstore has partnered with MBS Textbook Exchange to offer students an online wholesale buyback website. Students can now go to this website throughout the year to sell their books directly to the wholesaler.

Online Buyback

Here are some FAQs about the program:

When is the online buyback available?
The online buyback website will be available throughout the year.

What does the wholesaler buy back?
MBS buys books back for schools across the nation. So even if your campus does not need your book, MBS may still buy it back for another University at the wholesale price.

Why are the online buyback prices different than on campus?
You may get a better price for your book at the campus buyback because the campus buys back the books that they need. This is why we encourage you to sell your books back as soon as possible to get the best deal available. MBS online buyback will buy books for other campuses, or books that MBS thinks they will need in the future. Because its not immediately needed, the price for that book may be lower.