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Bachelor Gown Set
Bachelor gown set available for purchase online and in-store starting beginning November 2018.
Prices are for complete sets. A set includes cap, gown, tassel with 2018 signet, and collar (for women).
Please select a tassel color and add it to your cart.
Women, please add collar to your cart.


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Graduation Announcements
Red Foil Seal Design Graduation Announcements
A dialogue box will pop up for you to input information about the degree(s) you will be earning.
Minimum Order Qty 5,
*You will be emailed an example of your announcement prior to printing.*
*The example must be approved by you before printing.*

Price: $1.80

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Honors Cord
Double stranded gold honors cord, need to be on registrars honors list to purchase.
List will be out a month before graduation.

Price: $13.00

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Tassel Only
Individual tassels you may purchase separately from the cap and gown set. Tassels will come with a 2018 signet

White: Arts and Sciences
Drab/Brown: Business and Economics
Maize/Yellow: Agriculture
Maroon: Hawaiian Language/Hawaii Community College
Science Gold: Tropical Conservation Biology and Environmental Science
Lt Blue: Education
Olive: Pharmacy

Price: $8.95

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Black Grad Cap Only
Bachelors/Masters Cap is a "sure fit" in size that is made with an elastic band.
Does not include tassel.

Price: $13.75

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